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                    U8 Talent Centre players celebrate after winning the Premier Invitational



Gold Coast United Talent Centres are located at Tweed Heads & Robina

The Tweed Talent Centre is held at Tweed Heads Soccer Club on Wednesday’s from 4.30pm – 5.30pm & 5.45pm – 6.45pm

Our Talent Centre Manager is Shane Robinson (B License) and Lead SAP Coach at Gold Coast United, he is assisted by Alex Thelwall (C License) and SAP Lead Coach and Ben McCabe (C License) SAP Head of Physical Literacy

The Robina Talent Centre is held at Robina Soccer Club on Friday’s from 4.30pm – 5.30pm & 5.45pm – 6.45pm

Our Talent Centre Manager is Rahul Shetty (C License) SAP Lead Coach at Gold Coast United and Steve Coates

Below are some Questions and Answer’s about our centres


What is a Talent Centre?

The centers are in place to form advance training groups outside of our full time NPL/SAP Academy program. These programs are in place to support and enhance the football development of players we feel have shown the potential to come into our full-time environment at a later date.

Is the Talent centre the same as signing for the Gold Coast Utd’s Academy?

No. Our Academy is for players who have been selected for our Football Queensland competitions. The centres are in theory to help prepare players to enter the Academy at a later date.

How often will I train at GCU’s Talent Centre?

Players who are selected into these programs are required to commit to 1 training night per week, however our centres will be open up for 2 nights per week. Depending on your current workload we will allow players to attend more than 1 night.

What are the benefits of joining a centre at this age?

Well aside from the tangible pathway to enter the NPL/SAP Academy should each player be good enough, all players in the program can be sure that GCU deliver an unrivalled coaching program. We employ staff with exceptional experience in youth development to do so.

Can my child still play for a local grass roots team

Yes 100%. We recommend that your young player continues to play for their local football team. It is a must that your chosen club football comes first, and we will work around your Childs current commitments.

Are the centres open to anyone?

No the Centres are not open to anyone. Players have to be invited in via one of are talent scouts who are actively working within the community alternately players can be chosen through our trial process which is run at the start of each season.

For more information please email jamied@goldcoastunitedfc.com.au





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