Round Ball Foundation Membership


The Roundball Foundation is an exclusive membership of 100 passionate football supporters that are committed to the Gold Coast United vision for the future of football on the Gold Coast.

Member Benefits:

  • 2 X VIP Tickets to Home Games inc. Finals
  • Reciprocal Game Invitations
  • 2 X Awards Night Dinner Tickets
  • Networking Invitations
  • Name or Logo on SGC & GC United Websites
  • Name on Club Honours Board
  • Framed Certificate
  • Branded Polo Shirt
  • Acknowledgement of Member Status at Events

Once signed up we will contact you to collect logos and marketing information.
Further Enquiries:

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By purchasing this sponsorship package I acknowledge and agree that:

 Sports Gold Coast Ltd (SGC):

  • is a not for profit Company limited by guarantee.
  • SGC has worked for over 3 years on developing a sustainable Club model for the development of Football on the Gold Coast
  • SGC has incorporated a not for profit Football Company Gold Coast United Limited (formerly Gold Coast Athletic FC Ltd) (GCU)
  • SGC is currently the First Member of GCU and represents the Gold Coast business community seeking to support and develop Football through GCU.
  • SGC has a voting right up to 40% at General Meetings of GCU and the right to nominate 3 directors.
  • SGC has a long-term strategy to develop, support and promote Football in the city of Gold Coast
  • SGC is establishing a Football Committee for its Members who:
    • want to support GCU financially to ensure its success and sustainability;
    • have contributed or pledged to pay at least $5,000;
    • want to be able to nominate delegates to vote at GCU General Meetings and the directors of GCU representing GCU’s Business Members;
    • will be recognised by GCU and SGC as the Round Ball Foundation committee or such other name designated by GCU
    • will be involved in strategic decisions a ecting Football on the Gold Coast e.g. construction of a 5,000-seat stadium, Centre of excellence, Licenced Club etc.
  • SGC will endeavour wherever possible to:
    • acknowledge publicly the Applicant’s support for the development and promotion of Sport in the City of Gold Coast through its Projects, networks, website and corporate events
    • acknowledge publicly the Applicant as a GCU Round Ball Founder at GCU events and football games, and GCU Website.
    • invite the Applicant’s nominee and guest to attend at least two major sporting events and all GCU games at no cost.
    • On receipt to the Membership and Sponsorship Fees and acceptance of your application, SGC undertakes to pay 80% to GCU from your first payment retaining 20% for SGC projects;
  • I will contribute a further $5,000 plus GST on or before the 31 October 2018 by way of sponsorship for GCU through SGC subject to being satisfied
  • I have read the constitution of SGC and agree to be bound by its terms and rules.
  • As an Ordinary Member of SGC, I have no right to vote at SGC General Meetings but will have a right to vote on the SGC Round Ball Foundation Committee.
  • The Applicant does not wish to apply to be a Foundation Member of SGC to have a vote at SGC General Meetings.
  • Sponsor Benefits: SGC will provide the following additional benefits as set out in the below Schedule.


  1. VIP tickets to home games including Finals
  2. Reciprocal game invitations
  3. Four seats and brand recognition at the Gold Coast Sports Star
  4. Invitation to other sports functions and networking events wherever possible.
  5. Placing your logo on both the Gold Coast United and Sports Gold Coast websites during the term hereof provided the Applicant delivers the required information and material to SGC to enable this to occur
  6. Name on club honours board
    G. Framed certificate
    H. Gold Coast United branded polo shirt
  7. Acknowledgement that the Applicant is one of the original sponsors of GCU and a Member of the Round Ball Foundation of GCU wherever possible.
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