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NPL Men 2023

Gold Coast United
Peninsula Power
1 - 3
Final Score

NPL Women 2023

Lions FC
Gold Coast United
0 - 1
Final Score

NPL 23 Men 2023

Gold Coast United
Peninsula Power
1(4) - 1(2)
Final Score


It is Gold Coast United’s mission to provide an open, inclusive club with the highest levels of governance, best coaching programs and lowest fees for the NPL in Australia.

The keys to achieving this success and sustainability for Gold Coast United are:

Hire, Mentor and Retrain the Best Coaches

We employ the best professional coaches and pay them accordingly.

Engagement with Grass Roots Football

We must be exceptional members of the wider football community.

Engagement with Business

Business people feel they can make a difference by collaborating and sponsoring.

Engagement with Governing Bodies & Government

We must work well with those who govern us and support their objectives.