United with a Positive Vision



While the announcement by the FFA that GCU has been left out of the A-League expansion bid for now is disappointing, there is much to be proud of and the Club’s plans remain clear.


As outlined by Chairman Danny Maher, “we have achieved and created some wonderful things since bringing back Gold Coast United to compete in the National Premier League this year and we must now continue to work positively together on that mission.


“This decision does not kill our A-League or W-League, it is a delay at most and we have firmly stated our intentions to be back there and more.”



The Club’s focus on providing the best pathways for the region’s young footballers remains steadfast.

Our coaches, football department and Club officials will continue to strive to deliver the best development programs possible to ensure that Gold Coast United and its players continually strives to improve.



That improvement is founded in the fantastic support of the Coast’s local business community, led by Sports Gold Coast, who share the Club’s vision and mission.

The establishment of the Round Ball Foundation is a cornerstone of that improvement, a collective of like-minded businesses prepared to support the Club financially in the quest to offer football programs of excellence at the lowest possible cost and to provide as many deserving young players as possible with scholarships to participate, regardless of their financial situations.


“The Foundation is a membership base of passionate football supporters and business owners that are committed to the vision of creating a sustainable sporting environment and ‘United’ vision for the future of football on the City of Gold Coast.Sports Gold Coast



The commitment shown by Round Ball Foundation members means the best young players get the opportunity to play at the highest possible level and receive the best possible coaching in the best environment to improve themselves both on and off the field.


And this weekend those players get another opportunity to let their football do the talking – the Club’s NPL sides are on the road, Men & Boys heading to Yeronga to take on the might of Brisbane Olympic and the Women & Girls have the shorert trip to Mudgeeraba.


Leading in to this weekend’s round of fixtures here’s how the GCU squads are sitting.

With final’s football on the agenda for all NPL age groups for the first time in 2018, there is much to play for this weekend.

MEN                9th

U20                  5th

U18                  5th

U16                  3rd

U15                  1st

U14                  1st

U13                  1st


WOMEN          8th

U17                  8th

U15                  2nd

U13                  9th



The Academy teams are the best performing in the league. The Senior Men’s & Women’s teams are mid-table and working hard week in week out against the strength and experience of the long established Brisbane Clubs. The GCU SAP squads are all performing above expectation and are beyond competitive in their respective leagues.

All in all a fantastic achievement on the park football wise in the Club’s first season.


Off the pitch the Club continues to make strides to develop long-term  meaningful partnerships with Governing Bodies, Universities, local Schools and Community Clubs in its efforts to grow the base of football in the region by reaching out to as many young players as possible and by focusing on helping School & Club coaches improve too.

That effort will not stop, in fact there are more Schools joining the Partner program and more initiatives planned to engage local Clubs including the upcoming Mini World Cup on the 15th of July.


In the Boardroom tireless work continues to secure a ‘home’ for the Club, the best possible facilities to support the Club into the future, with discussions well advanced in this regard with Council and other key stakeholders.

Further discussions are continuing with our international backers who remain supportive of the Club’s vision, particularly given the opportunities still available to pursue a place at the highest levels of football in the country including future A-League Expansion, W-League and a proposed national Second Division.


Chairman Danny Maher has made the Club’s intentions clear.

“We will now look at the proposed second division (in 2020) as a stepping stone to the A-League. In relation to W-League we will be following that up with the FFA and will continue to pursue it.”


“For now, we continue on our journey with optimism, professionalism and positivity.”